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Rectal Prolapse

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What is rectal prolapse?

Rectal prolapse is what happens when part of the rectum slips past the digestive tract’s muscular opening, or the anus. This can also cause faecal incontinence and requires surgery to correct, especially in patients that have chronic symptoms.

When rectal prolapse occurs, some patients may struggle to push the rectum back in place while others may experience a leakage of stools or the inability to properly control bowel movements. These problems are more common in elderly women and children. For children suffering from rectal prolapse, some alternative, non-surgical treatments are available to address underlying causes.

Diagnosis and treatment

Dr Elliot will perform a physical rectal exam to diagnose a case of rectal prolapse. Dr Elliot will either go through the perineum or abdomen to perform this surgery. Rectal prolapse surgery in younger people is often done via the rectum, while surgery in older people is usually done via the perineum or the space between the anus and genitals. As a specialist colorectal surgeon Dr Michael Elliot specialises in rectal prolapse treatment.